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by: Nigel Cammack June 10, 2009

WHAT A GAME! That is really the easiest way to put it! The Pittburgh Penguins came out hard and stayed persistent in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals last night at the Mellon Arena! After a hard loss and major upset in game five most people in the hockey world counted them out. The Pens ignored all of that. Playing in front of yet another sold out crowd on the brink of 2009 exstinction they fought the battle of their lives to make sure they had a chance at the Cup. Jordan Staal played his heart out again and came up huge with the first goal and MR KENNEDY put away an almost impossible second goal to ensure the game. Pens fans everywhere were holding their breath and gripping their chest due to near heart attacks that surely would have come if Detroit scored a second goal. (Pens won 2-1)
Both Detroit and Pittburgh played a hard game. Both teams knew the end result if the other team played better. I think what held the Pens in it was the thought of watching Detroit lift Lord Stanley's Cup on their ice for the second year in a row. For the Pens that was not an option. There would be no repeat of the loss that has haunted them for over 365 days. For the rest of us that is not a long time. We go to work everyday, maybe take a vacation, call out sick a couple times, shovel snow then watch the trees grow back and our year is over. In the sports world a loss like that is crippling. Every waking moment for those days all you can think about is the look on your teamates and fans faces when the final second ticked off the clock and Detroit hoisted the one thing you play your whole life to win on your ice. Unlike football where you play at some random stadium to win the trophy. In hockey, basketball and baseball you play in front of your beloved supporters to give them hope for the future. When that future is robbed from you the only thing you can do is not allow it to happen again.
Detroit will now have the task of holding of their oppenents in game seven. The pressure is on them. They are the reigning champions. They are on home ice. They are in front of their supporters. They have to prove that Pittsburgh accidentally, in their eyes, crawled back into this one. The Wings first led the series 2-0 and the whole world counted the Pens out. Then they went to the Igloo. They lost two games to even the series. All of a sudden the Pens were back in it. Then the Wings showed up again, they demolished the Pens in game five with a score of 5-0 and the world said the Pens were done again. Uh-oh, not this time! Detroit seemed to walk into game six confident that they would win again. Not in the cards! We have a game seven.
With great anticipation, it all comes down to this.... In the right corner wearing white, balck and gold, your Undisputed Eastern Conference Champion PITTSBURGH PENGUINS! And in the left corner, wearing red and white, the 2008 Stanley Cup Champion DETROIT RED WINGS! This will be one hell of a game. Even if your not the biggest hockey fan in the world, this is not the game to miss.
The final game of the 2008-2009 season awaits Friday June 12, 2009 live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit! Who will be your 2009 Stanley Cup Champions? Will the Pens have revenge and hoist the Cup in Detroit or will the Wings prove they are a dynasty? I can't wait to find out!!! See you Friday!

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