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This is a hard one for me to talk about. The reason being that I am a Pens fan so it will more then likely make me a hater and I am sure there will be people out there that say I am only doing it because he is who he is. Who am I talking about? Alexander Ovechkin of course. The one they call the "Great 8" has done something that I personally find disgraceful and completly wrong. As a professional athlete and a man there are certain codes that are supposed to be followed. First as a professional athlete you do not place your hand on any fan unless it is self defense and you are attacked. Second as a man you never place your hands on a woman unless she is coming at you with a knife. The "Great 8" did both. I first saw it on Fox 5 News here in DC. They ran a short story on "AO showing a side of him we have never seen." I sat there and kept rewinding the story on my DVR over and over again because I was amazed that I had just witnessed that. I thought I had to be seeing something wrong or that there was more to the story like a papparazzi was just sitting in his face and putting him down for the loss to Canada. Then I did some more research. The story supposedly is that a female Russian fan who was flown over to support her home team at the great games was just filming him walking where ever they were. Looked like an airport or garage to me. Supposedly she was asked to stop filming but they haven't confirmed that yet, and it's obvious that she did not stop filming. AO deliberatly changed stride and headed back towards this fan to shove her camera away. In doing so he managed to shove her hard enough that she fell to the ground. He did not stop to check on her. He didnt even break stride after that, I guess because his cell phone conversation was to important. I have been tracking this since last night and I have yet to see the story hit NHL Network, or just about any other major NHL news venue. This is amazing to me. We all know that if that had been a Sidney Crosby or a Wayne Gretzgy or a Bobby Orr the news would have picked it up immediatly and ran with it. We are taught as men at a very young age by our fathers and grandfathers and uncles and neighborhood men not to hit or shove or abuse a woman. This is ingrained in us at such and early age that it shouldn't even be a minor thought in our heads to do it. As a professional athlete you basically swear an unwritten oath to treat your fans with respect because they are the ones that put the food on your table every night. You can not just take your fame for granted and pretend you are invincible to real world rules. More then him doing that what is disturbing me is that the NHL will not even approach the subject. Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin put the food on their tables every night and they will do almost anything to make sure these two stay away from publicity nightmare's. Let me put it to you like this, if Sidney Crosby did this I would be writing the same blog right now. Hockey is a hard hitting sport that has intensity and fighting and action but that is to remain on the ice. That is not to come out to the sidewalks and into fans faces. As a celebrity or a sports figure you have your right to privacy in your home and with your family but when you step into public you know when you start this career that you will be filmed and asked for your autograph and bothered by fans at random times. I lived in the same building in 2005 as half the Penguins and when I saw them I said hi or I looked at my wife and said "whoa that's Colby Armstrong or Ryan Whitney or Marc-Andre." None of these players ever looked at me rude or cursed me out or placed a hand on me. They realized they were the most famous people in Pittsburgh and they knew how to handle that. Again this is not me attacking AO this is me calling him and the NHL out on what I believe is wrong. Any celebrity who places their hands on a photog in Hollywood hits CNN ten minutes later. AO's story slides under the radar. It's just not right. If I did it I would be brought up on charges. Moral of the story keep your hands off the fans and keep your hands off women.

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