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One excuse you can't use in the post season is the penalties. Especially if your team has clearly been undisciplined. The playoffs are not the regular season. Read that again. I say this because this is the time of year when some teams step up their discipline and others don't. Some teams still allow themselves to get upset with minor things the opposing players do in a game and then they retaliate. There are two main reasons you cannot do this in the playoffs. The first, if a team is skilled enough they will eat you alive on the power play. Second, even if the team isn't good enough, the power play by itself will throw a team off their game. The team that takes constant penalties, or even just a couple, don't have the chance to get their four lines rolling or get into a groove. That groove or rolling of lines is needed to build momentum and hopefully tilt the ice your way and eventually score a goal. If you are a playoff team your special teams should be good enough to either kill the penalty or score on the power play. If you can't do either, then you don't deserve to win games. Now it is possible to kill all the PP's but you have now broken your groove. So don't blame the penalties if your team can't be disciplined enough in the playoffs. Blame your team. Sometimes it takes looking inward to see what your team is actually doing wrong. Stop always looking for the excuse and start making your team accountable for their bad decisions on the ice.

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