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THE FINAL BATTLE: Eastern Conference Finals

The final battle of the Eastern Conference begins tomorrow Monday, May 18th in Pittsburgh. The Penguins will host the Carolina Hurricanes at Mellon Arena at 7:30pm. This should be another 6-7 game series that will keep everyone on their toes.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will rely on their potent offense to keep them alive. They have had 3rd and 4th line players step up recently and will need them to continue the way they have been playing to lead them back to the Stanley Cup finals. Evgeni Malkin will need to come alive if this team expects to move on. Sidney Crosby found his stride in the previous series againt the Capitals, they won 4-3, and will more then likely keep this surge alive at least to start the series. The Penguins defense was nearly at a loss when Sergei Gonchar was injured in game four of the Capitals series. They did not let that keep them down though. They also came alive and showed the fans that they are a powerful defense and can still do their jobs without 'the Sarg'. Goaltender Marc Andre Fluery will need to bring his A game againt the comback Carolina Hurricanes because they will force him to be his best.

The Carolina Hurricanes are going to come into this third round with a purpose. I have always called them the comeback kids because they never seem to give up. They were not expected to beat the Devils and certainly were not expected to be the Bruins. They sent both team packing in seven game series matchups this second season. Eric Staal has always been good but man is he coming into his own and playing great. He will be the man to watch in this series and the one the Pens will need to shut down. The Canes will need to continue to get players like Walker and Jokinen to the front of the crease to get those deflections in the goal past Fluery. Carolina's defense will need to try to shut down the zone in front of the net and keep Crosby and Malkin outside if they want to shut them down.

In the end this series will come down to nothing else but pure skill and the want to win the Cup. These two teams are very evenly matched and will battle each other until the last second ticks off the clock. Keep your hats on because this should be a high speed, high scoring series. There will be plenty of highlight plays in this one. Sit back and enjoy!

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Comment by Nigel Cammack on May 18, 2009 at 9:54pm
Def was a close game all the way through. They were shutting us down on the power play hard early and that made me a little nervous. We got the rebound and brought it back. I don't think I was able to catch both goals because they were so fast and I was tryin to order food, haha!! I will be watching On The Fly all night and in the AM to review the game. There was some sloppy play going on so I would like to see if there would be a way to fix it. Great game though. 1-0. Awesome!
Comment by Justin Cammack on May 18, 2009 at 9:23pm
Yea bout shit my pants. M A-F kicked ass in goal! Otherwise we would have lost.
Comment by Keith Corley on May 18, 2009 at 9:05pm
Wow! What a finish! Carolina is vicious in the last few minutes.
Comment by Justin Cammack on May 18, 2009 at 6:59pm
i couldn't get on here fast enough before we scored twice!!!!! Go PENS!!! Malkin I love you, 84 seconds apart, nice!

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