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Can't Blame The Penalties

One excuse you can't use in the post season is the penalties. Especially if your team has clearly been undisciplined. The playoffs are not the regular season. Read that again. I say this because this is the time of year when some teams step up their discipline and others don't. Some teams still allow themselves to get upset with minor things the opposing players do in a game and then they retaliate. There are two main reasons you cannot do this in the playoffs. The first, if a team is skilled… Continue

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Goalie Bashing Needs To Go.

There is one main trait that allows you to easily spot the bandwagon fan. That would be the "Goalie Bashing" trait. After a loss in a game, no matter what team, they always show up. They jump of the cliff as fast as possible to blame the whole game on their goalie. Of course the goalies made a mistake or two, their only human. But, let's remember. They are the last line of defense. There are five guys in front of them whose job it is to shut a team down before they get to the net. Whose job it… Continue

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Lokomotiv Team Dead In Plane Crash. Sid not 100%

Shortly, Sid is not yet 100% but the doctors have a promising outlook saying he will recover completly. Good news for the NHL and Pens fans everywhere. They say they will not clear him at all until he is back to 100%.


The big news of the day is below. The KHL club Lokomotiv lost pretty much the entire team today in a plane crash. Please see the press release from below. Our thoughts go out to the hockey world and the teams friends and family.


A plane…


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Penguins Cup Chances and Rivalries!

My fellow Pens fans will probably hate me for a little while after this! But only until the outcome of the playoffs proves me right!…


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This is a hard one for me to talk about. The reason being that I am a Pens fan so it will more then likely make me a hater and I am sure there will be people out there that say I am only doing it because he is who he is. Who am I talking about? Alexander Ovechkin of course. The one they call the "Great 8" has done something that I personally find disgraceful and completly wrong. As a professional athlete and a man…


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The Washington Capitals are doing something they have never done before. They are running the NHL! The Caps as of tonight have won twelve straight games and have the possibility of going to thirteen if they can take down Atlanta.…


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Brett Hull will join the greats in the Hockey Hall of Fame this evening.

Congratulations to the Golden Brett for acomplishing such records as the third highest goals with 741 right behind Gordie Howe and the Great One.

Brett Hull joins his father and many of the greatest players to ever swing a hockey stick.

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THE NHL'S TOP FIVE CAPTAINS!! by; Daniel Sallows

The NHL's Top Five Captains by Daniel Sallows Daniel SallowsColumnist, Featured Columnist

96 articles written

Columnist Written on October 31, 2009 Mike Ridewood/Getty Images The dictionary defines a captain as one who commands, leads, or guides others.

To be a successful captain in any pro sport you are usually measured by how many championships you have won, but it also takes heart, drive, determination… Continue

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24 Real Hockey Fans!!

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Greatest Game On Ice:

We are officially at 24 real hockey fans. Lets make it 25 and beyond! The NHL is moving at a speedy pace in the beginning of the season due to the Olympic break in February. Teams that should likely be on a roll right now are sliding backwards and teams that you don't expect are moving ahead. Since we only have one west coast fan with us right now I'll give you a breakdown of the east. The eight… Continue

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I am so excited for the season to be back! It is time for us all to drop what we're doing go buy some tickets or turn on the tv and watch as the greatest athletes in sports kick off their return to the ice!

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Greatest Game On Ice! The 2009-2010 NHL season is upon us. We officially kick off the start of "winter" tomorrow Oct. 1st!!! There will be four games on tomorrow night (Habs vs Leafs, Caps vs Bruins,…

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THN's East Predictions for 09-10 season

Screen Shots: Eastern Conference Predictions

Thu, Sep 17, 2009

THN has laid out its official rundown of teams, but it's time for the annual SS selections. This week East, next week West. -

Pre-season predictions are the alcohol-fueled benders of the sports journalism world: they seem like fun before you decide to engage in them and they provide moments of levity and insight while you’re in the middle of them – but once the process is over, they leave you with… Continue

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Ladies and Gentleman!! Are you ready for HOOOOCKEY!! I know I am. The 2009-2010 season is almost upon us and it seemed last year that it is going to be a good one! All thirty teams should be rested and ready to go. I feel like the summer was long but at the same time short. I know all Pens fans out there had plenty to keep them entertained this summer and most other fans were probably stuck in waiting. The wait is over!

The NHL… Continue

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by: Nigel Cammack June 10, 2009

WHAT A GAME! That is really the easiest way to put it! The Pittburgh Penguins came out hard and stayed persistent in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals last night at the Mellon Arena! After a hard loss and major upset in game five most people in the hockey world counted them out. The Pens ignored all of that. Playing in front of yet another sold out crowd on the brink of 2009 exstinction they fought the… Continue

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Series Good For Wings, Bad For The Bird That Can Not Fly

By: Nigel Cammack June 2, 2009

Something is not clicking right now for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Something is actually falling apart. The amazing team we saw that was firing on all cylinders in the third round has become the same team we saw in the fourth round last season. There are many things that could be contributing to this and I am sure everyone in the Pens world is trying to figure it out. Is it really Fluery letting in bad… Continue

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May 26, 2009 by: Nigel Cammack

As of right now there doesn't seem to be much of a glimmer of hope out there for the two lackluster teams out of the four left in the two conference finals. Chicago is trailing the series 3-1 with a huge beating by Detroit (6-1) in game four of the series. Carolina is in worse shape it seams against a Penguins squad that seems hell bent on making it back to the Cup finals. The Canes are… Continue

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PITTSBURGH -- Maybe the Carolina Hurricanes should have left Evgeni Malkin alone in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Early in the second period of Thursday night's game at Mellon Arena, Carolina's Scott Walker felled Malkin… Continue

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Ruutu, Cole doubtful for Game 2

Wednesday, 05.20.2009 / 4:01 PM / Conference Finals: Pittsburgh vs. Carolina By Mike G. Morreale - Staff Writer PITTSBURGH - It's looking more and more like the Carolina Hurricanes will be forced to even up their series with the Pittsburgh Penguins Thursday without the services of both Tuomo Ruutu and Erik Cole.

Both players suffered… Continue

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Hawks hope to emulate Wings' success at home Wednesday, 05.20.2009 / 10:02 AM / Conference Finals: Detroit vs. Chicago By Adam Kimelman - Staff Writer DETROIT --

The Chicago Blackhawks have talked during the first two games of the Western Conference Finals against Detroit about not wanting to get sucked into the Red Wings' style.

Now, they hope to imitate the Wings… Continue

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Red Wings-Blackhawks blog Tuesday, 05.19.2009 / 1:11 PM / Conference Finals: Detroit vs. Chicago By Staff Hawks used to seeing Wings

05.19.2009 1:05 P.M. et

The Blackhawks may be the new kids on the Stanley Cup Playoff block, making their first appearance since 2002, but they are not in awe of the Red Wings. Chalk that up to playing them six times during the regular season.

Chicago right wing Kris Versteeg, a Calder Trophy finalist admitted to feeling a… Continue

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THE FINAL BATTLE: Eastern Conference Finals

The final battle of the Eastern Conference begins tomorrow Monday, May 18th in Pittsburgh. The Penguins will host the Carolina Hurricanes at Mellon Arena at 7:30pm. This should be another 6-7 game series that will keep everyone on their toes.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will rely on their potent offense to keep them alive. They have had 3rd and 4th line players step up recently and will… Continue

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