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I think he is having a few ok games with the blues but what is up with him being passed around the league like the swine flu??

Let me know what you think is he bad mojo or what? Commom penguin people let me know, He rode for the pens last year, why did they get rid of him?
oh, yeah, hes bad mojo. that game against the coyotes was ridiculous
yes indeed. I believe our goalies are holding us together. We really need Jackman and Colioackvo back to hold that defense together. Time will tell if conklin is a blue or not. Oshie will be back for tomorrows game against the Flamers. Haha so lets get it together blues.
I think Conklin is is a solid backup. Why we traded him I am not really sure. I don't know if we we're trying to go in a differant direction or if he was. I like him though as a helper. He came through for us when needed and he never made me as nervous as any of our other backups. I don't know if we get spoiled having "Flower" between the pipes but I get so nervous now when I know Johnson is starting a game. I almost want him to do bad enough that we have to put Fluery in. I just need to have faith and hang in there. Now if Conklin is a true blue I don't know I guess we'll see either at trade deadline or next season!!
Yes I see what you mean by being nervous, this is my feeling toward Conk. Mason was super solid for us last season after we put Lagacy on waivers and has been working his hardest he has ever worked. I think right now the Blues organization is trying to develop a good back up, which STL has never really had. Also it is going to help ease some of the pressure off Mason. Thank you for the feedback.


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