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We've made it. The end of the season is near. The excitment is outta control. Your adrenaline is at an all time high! It's the greatest time of year! Even if your team is no longer standing you can at least respect the skill of the teams on the ice.
We have four team left, Carolina vs Pittsburgh, Detroit vs Chicago. We have two original six team and two expansion teams ready to face off to try to get to the ultimate goal. Lord Stanley's Cup! It doesn't get any better then this. Break it down for me and let me know how you feel about these series and why. It's the Eastern Finals and the Western Finals! Let's get it on!!

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all i gots to say is LETS GO CAROLINA!!!
You are perfectly allowed. Thats what the site is for!!
As I've said before, I just don't want a repeat of last year. Whatever happens, the end result will be phenomenal. Chicago VS. Carolina would be a nice treat, because nobody could have seen it coming. The Canes are playing like they have something to prove and I think they are going to be a great match for the Pens. I'm very excited to see that particular match up. Post season hockey rocks!!!!! I can't wait to see my team again though!
Post season is defintely for me at least the greatest to
greatest time of year! With a 7 game series you really can't sleep in the underdogs like the Hawks or the Canes! You have to bring you a game every night or you'll get swallowed up. I think a Canes, Hawks series would be awesome and very close! I still want my boys to take it though. The Canes got a cup recently and the Pens haven't had one for years! I think it's our time to shine! Let's Go Pens!!
Ok i dunno too much about hockey but here is my assessment of the Hurricanes, and completely research-free (No Wiki)
Carolina has won a cup, and not too long ago, meaning that core group is still pretty much in tact. Eric Staal is one the most dangerous scorers in the NHL and Cam Ward can take a team on his back and lead them all the way. Do they scare me? Hell yea they do. They've already beaten two teams that I thought would have destroyed them. Fleury has to be on top of his game for the Pens to have a shot. Maybe it was me, or it was the Caps and their endless firepower, but I think Fleury looked shaky at times in that series. I really hope Gonchar heals with time because we are that much more dangerous with him, especially with him running the point on the power play. Sid and Geno, keep up the good work. Every last defenseman on our squad has been solid, but I'd like to point of Scuderi clamping down on Ovechkin and Eaton and Letang contributing offensively. We need all of that and more to get to the Stanley Cup so lemme stop ramblin and scream LET'S GO PENS!
I'd say it was a good mix of the Caps excellent offense and Marc Andre being off his game. Like most goalies, if you have a good start, you'll be on fire. But if you have a rough start, your done for. Example; Varlamov and game 7. He had a bad start and he never recovered. I'm not blaming the game on him, the whole team was absent and the Pens played hard. But Varlamov was a big contributor. Fleury had a huge stop on Ovechkin early in the first, which gave him and the team momentum to cruise by the Caps (unfortunately for me and the rest of the fans). So, I think (for the most part) it begins with the goalies having big saves, then the rest of the team can follow in their confidence. The same confidence is fed from a goal scorer. It's going to be an exciting series for sure.
Looks like this is gonna be my first post on this epic site we got goin here. Just my 2 cents: Defense is going to win the cup this year without any question. Why does Detroit always make the final four? Big men at the blue line. When a team can consistently support an all-star goalie, they win, bottom line. The Pens/ Caps series is a prime example. 2 of the most dynamic offenses in the game today; leaders in points, goals, assists, and minutes. In the end it came down to the Pens ability to support Fleury DEEP into the series. At times he definitely looked like the weaker of the 2 goalies; but when your defense can limit the opposing team to less than 30 shots in 3 of the 7 games, tons of pressure is taken off your back. Big ups to the ass-bumpers and their Game 7 route, and if I had to make a prediction about the Conference finals: The canes dont have an answer for the Pens blue-liners, let alone Crosby and Malkin. It'll be a tight one for the first few games, but down the stretch the firepower/ defense just isn't there to make the Canes a contender this year.
Cory welcome this epic site. Great way to describe it! You are correct in most of what you say about the Pens. Our defense it strong, our shooters are coming up strong and from all angles right now and Fluery really isn't as shaky as people are taling about him being. He has had plenty of interference from his own team that helped a few goals go in these past couple of series.I will never myself put the Canes out of it though because they are the Comeback Kids. I think if we can pull another win at home on Thursday we should be alright and the series should only go 6 games. Like I keep saying to everyone, Thank you for coming through and signing up. This site is for us to enjoy as much as we can and be able to have non-hatred conversations and just love hockey. Thank you all again!

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